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Typeix is Fast, unopinionated, minimalist framework for building efficient and scalable applications and libraries.

In 2016 inspired by Angular first version of typeix was born, which provides an application architecture to allow effortless creation of highly testable, scalable, loosely coupled and easily maintainable applications.


Package Comment
@typeix/utils Helper library used by @typeix packages internally
but nobody stops you from using it :fontawesome-solid-smile:
@typeix/metadata High level metadata processor api, you can create own decorators of all types,
library takes care that all values are properly stored & inherited
@typeix/di Extensive Dependency Injector library inspired by Angular
which supports custom extensions and method interceptors
@typeix/modules Module definition library which comes with ModuleInjector and allows you to
create modules take care of imports, exports & module providers out of the box
@typeix/router Low level server and routing api, which supports http, https, http2 servers
and comes with dynamic routing options & custom error handlers on any route
@typeix/logger Wrapper around pino logger library
@typeix/resty High level REST server implementation
@typeix/resty-aws-lambda One line AWS Lambda integration with resty server