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With the introduction of Classes in TypeScript and ES6, there now exist certain scenarios that require additional features to support annotating or modifying classes and class members. Decorators provide a way to add both annotations and a meta-programming syntax for class declarations and members. Decorators are a stage 2 proposal for JavaScript and are available as an experimental feature of TypeScript.


npm i @typeix/metadata --save

Creating Decorators

Defining custom decorators has not been easier, API will take care that metadataKeys are created correctly and passed to low level metadata api.

import {
} from "@typeix/metadata";

const Injectable = () => createClassDecorator(Injectable);
const Inject = (token?) => createParameterAndPropertyDecorator(Inject, {token});
const Produces = (type) => createMethodDecorator(Produces, {type});
const Render = (type) => createMethodDecorator(Produces, {type});
const PathParam = (value) => createParameterDecorator(Produces, {value});

class AService {

class BService {

class RootController {
    @Inject() aService: AService;
    @Inject() bService: BService;

    actionIndex(@Inject() first: AService, @Inject() second: BService) {

class HomeController extends RootController {

        @Inject() first: AService,
        @Inject(BService) second: BService,
        @PathParam("name") name: string
    ) {

const metadata: Array<IMetadata> = getAllMetadataForTarget(HomeController);

Interface IMetadata

  • args - are custom arguments passed by decorator
  • metadataKey - is unique decorator key auto generated by metadata api
  • type - class, method, property, parameter
  • decoratorType - (above type) + mixed is createParameterAndPropertyDecorator
  • decorator - actual reference to decorator Function
  • propertyKey - user defined method name or constructor
  • paramIndex - it's defined if decorator is parameter type
  • designType - value from design:type typescript metadata
  • designParam - values from design:paramtypes typescript metadata
  • designReturn - values from design:returntype typescript metadata
    export interface IMetadata {
        args: any;
        metadataKey: string;
        type?: string;
        decoratorType?: string;
        decorator?: Function;
        propertyKey?: string | symbol;
        paramIndex?: number;
        designType?: any;
        designParam?: any;
        designReturn?: any;
    All metadata for target can be requested via getAllMetadataForTarget function, which returns list of metadata.
            args: {
                token: BService
            decoratorType: "mixed",
            decorator: Inject,
            type: "parameter",
            metadataKey: `@typeix:parameter:Inject:1:${getDecoratorUUID(Inject)}`,
            paramIndex: 1,
            propertyKey: "actionHome",
            designParam: [