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Resty comes with a built-in Pino logger wrapper which is used during application bootstrapping such as displaying scanned routing info (i.e., system logging, bootstrap errors).

You can fully control the behavior of the logging system:

  • disable logging entirely
  • specify the log level of detail (e.g., display errors, warnings, debug information, etc.)
  • customize the default logger by extending it
  • create your own custom implementation, to log your own application-level events and messages.

For more advanced logging functionality, you can make use of any Node.js logging package, such as Winston, to implement a completely custom, production grade logging system.


interface LoggerOptions {
  options: pino.LoggerOptions;
  stream?: pino.DestinationStream;
const options: LoggerOptions = {
    options: {
        level: "error"
const logger = new Logger(options);{id: 1, whatever: 2}, "Some nice custom message");